Wine – the ultimate accompaniment. It turns us into friends, lovers and hopeless romantics for the finest things in life.

All through Australia’s finest vineyards, we ventured to unearth the most sensational elixirs hiding away across each region. Wines of differing colour, aromatic profile and tannin structure were sampled. But only the best were selected. We present to you our maker’s discerning preference for the perfect drop.



Ancient Wisdom is the catalogue name of our red wine range. Each of which is crafted as the essential accompaniment for dining with family and friends.

Using 100% Australian appellation, our delectable wines offer the smooth aromas of cultured fruit and spices.

Our debut world-premium Shiraz – impossible to put down – is available now. Its complex layers deliver a truly beautiful and balanced beverage that is nothing short of elegance.

We aim to do even better with the rest. Keep an eye for our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot… coming 2017.



"Great is the fortune of he who possesses a good bottle, a good book and a good friend.” – Moliere

With the goal of creating the ultimate Shiraz, I’ve travelled the country to sample the very best produce our vineyards have to offer. Selecting wines with the richest colour, the greatest depth and the most extraordinary flavour, this meticulously handcrafted blend will take your appreciation of wine to an entirely new level. – Ash Tosh, Winemaker

Just like a good book, this Shiraz is hard to put down. Complex layers work together to deliver a truly beautiful drop. Perfectly balanced with an elegant structure, the sweet aromas and well-integrated oak in this Shiraz will transform your palate to another world. Best opened in the company of good friends and good food.