We make our spirits premium liquor without compromise – in flavour, texture and taste.

Be warned. Our spirits will transport you to a new world – one that’s endlessly fresh and inviting. We aim to captivate your lips; just like a wandering spirit dancing across the skyline captivates the eyes.

Get ready for a rare drinking experience that will inspire your sense of desire, fun and adventure.



When an ensemble of monkey spirits abandoned the celestial cities of heaven to strengthen the Earth’s pure hearted, only the noblest souls were rewarded with an ever-refilling flask of vodka.

Upon this legend, Shojo Drunken Monkey was born.

Shojo combines the powers of art and science with the finest aged Australian-grown grains. We patiently distill each batch of grains several times to remove any traces of congeners and collect the most refined ethanol.

The water in Shojo’s blend is filtered in a biodynamic agricultural process that restructures the hydrogen molecules to better integrate with the ethanol. With our engineering and chemistry expertise, we have extended this commercial process to incorporate accelerated ageing for a further purified finish.

Truly one of a kind.



The great legend of Shojo tells of a group of monkeys whose spirits strengthen the pure of heart and who reward the good by perpetually refilling their flasks of alcohol. In the spirit of Shojo, our vodka is made using only the finest ingredients; aged in a secret process, combining art and science, which has taken more than a decade to perfect. Which is why we hope that, just as in the legend, Shojo Vodka will reward you with its crisp, clear taste and that your days – and nights – may be continually refilled with joy and happiness.



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