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Luxurious and mythical. Genuinely addictive.

Our decadent liqueurs redefine poise and satisfaction. We source each blend’s ingredients from within Australia and across the seas to achieve perfect harmony.

Barrel-aged for depth in every sip, it’s time to discover the mythology of luxury for yourself.



Fable Cream came to life from a sweet and simple childhood memory.

As our maker Ash recalls: I remember drinking cardamom spiced milk shakes as a child. Its delicious garnish of almonds, pistachios, cashews and rose petals inspired me to craft the perfect liqueur to enjoy with tea or coffee.

Now you know why we call it ‘Fable’ – it’s the very thing that evokes childlike wonder and happiness in all of us.

Inspired by age-old recipes from India and China, Fable is made up of a selection of ingredients handpicked for their temperament to play well with others.

Like a cardamom-spiced milk shake, you can enjoy Fable neat, on ice or mixed with tea or coffee. Its poignant blend of rum, cream and whiskey will bewitch you… whatever your inclination.


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Seductive and smooth, treat yourself to the ultimate liqueur indulgence.

Our bewitching blend of rum, cream and whisky, combined with the sweetness of caramel and honey, completely redefines liqueur as we know it. Fable is the provocative union of over a dozen exotic, natural ingredients, meticulously sourced from around the world, that ravish the palate and restore the soul.

Creamy, earthy, floral and nutty, just one taste will have you yearning for more.

Be tempted. Be ravished. Be captivated. Make Fable your bad habit.

Shake thoroughly before serving, and refrigerate after opening.



We created Celeste Noir for the sheer love of coffee – and the challenge to elevate the experience of coffee itself.

It took four years and 800+ blends to realize the coffee bean roasting process for a taste of virgin delights. The result? A liqueur that truly invokes the time of day when a coffee takes all the stress away. One sip becomes 10 minutes of peaceful bliss.

Our beans undergo a special cold fermentation treatment – developed by us – before undergoing a time-honoured roasting process to derive round and refined tannins. This special technique retains the raw aromatics of coffee for a smooth, succulent finish.

‘Celeste Noir’ is named after the coffee plantation we source our beans from. Located 5000ft above sea level in the mountains of Columbia, we travel to this divine place to hand pick the beans ourselves.

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Sinful & Sweet for the most discerning coffee lovers.

Celeste Noir truly reinvents the taste, tranquillity and euphoria of drinking the mythical elixir of the gods. Developed on a whiskey base, Luscious and smooth, the full flavour and irresistible aroma of our organic Columbian coffee beans alone will make your palette sing. Heaps of caramel and dark chocolate will have you in bliss, while the almond and hazelnut hues seduce your tastebuds. You won’t help but fall in love with the luscious, creamy consistency that is unique to Celeste Noir.

It’s a love affair you’ll be forgiven for.

Our meticulously handcrafted blend will take your appreciation of Coffee Liqueur to an entirely new level.



For the sheer seduction of chocolate, we crafted Koko Karnival. The chocolate itself is aged in oak barrels to conjure a lush aroma that’s been five years in the making.

Koko Karnival is a blend of whiskey, rum and raw cacao from the subtropics of Central America, West Africa and Asia. The cocoa beans are fermented and roasted using a closely guarded secret recipe. And a master chocolate maker refined the blend.

Unexpectedly ethereal in nature and mysterious with every sip, Koko offers a unique flavour that’s both surprising and alluring.

We call Koko Karnival a bottle of ‘bean to the bar’ artisan chocolate.



Ethereal, rich and intense in flavour, KOKO blends over three different chocolates to deliver a liqueur that will truly elevate your senses.

With lush aromas and effortlessly drinkable, KOKO is designed for the most discerning of palettes. But it isn’t just the uniqueness of the rum and whiskey blend that will wow you – the elegant black chocolate hues transform this liqueur into liquid gold. We’ve taken ‘bean to bar’ artisan chocolate and put it in a bottle. With just one sip, you’ll understand why it was five years in the making. Shake thoroughly before serving, and refrigerate after opening.



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