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‘Rediscovering taste and smell’ since 2005

Welcome to our tantalising world of handcrafted wines, spirits and liqueurs.

At ALC, we craft revolutionary liquors for the most discerning of palates. With award-winning alchemist and wine technologist Ash Tosh at our helm, we set the benchmark for boutique beverage leaders worldwide.

Our dedication to the craft has inspired us to explore far and wide. Between us all, we’ve travelled the globe discovering the best and most exotic liquors on offer. And after two years of extensive research, we’re finally releasing our long-awaited debut line of boutique beverages.


Our vision

— The perfect drink

We aim to redefine your drinking experience by adding new depths to the grand heritage of the Australian liquor industry. We pursue meticulous ingredient selection and crafting processes to create the perfect drink – that will leave you dizzy with delight.


Our people

— Wine making, spirit production & chemistry

We are a team of rebel winemakers, food technologists and passionate distillers with a pioneering spirit. Every day we challenge ourselves and our collaborators to push the boundaries of wine making, spirit production and chemistry.

Why chemistry? Because chemistry is the key to unlocking the perfect flavour and texture of any drink.

Our combination of astute research techniques, beverage making capabilities and cutting-edge technology underpin our success.

Put simply, we’re not satisfied until our drinks are award-ready.


Our secrets


Our ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from across Australia, Europe and the Americas. And our seductive bottle designs are derived from the romance capital of the world. France, of course.

What’s more, our processing is pristine and polished – ensuring every drop we diligently inspect is pure excellence.

So far, we’ve produced over 150 million litres of fine wine and liquor. And we’re not stopping.





How can I invent something new?, I asked.

I’m a professional winemaker – with the mind of a scientist and the heart of an artist.

As a renowned wine technologist and beverage consultant, I’ve won over a dozen industry awards and made over 150 million litres of liquor. Although proud of my commercial success, it’s time to break away and follow my heart.

I founded the Australian Liquor Company for the creative freedom to handcraft wines, spirits and liqueurs for all to enjoy. But my innate drive to become the creator I am today began long before this venture.

Growing up in India, I watched on in awe as my father spent his life inventing numerous technologies. His devotion towards the magic of creation never left me.

Then on an expedition into the Himalayas, I encountered a Buddhist monk in the monastery of the Dalai Lama. How can I invent something new?, I asked. Only by bringing two things together does something new come to life, he said.

And from there my resolve to blend the finest ingredients to create something new and delicious was born.

Ash Tosh, Alchemical Winemaker


Ancient wisdom.jpg


Wine – the ultimate accompaniment. It turns us into friends, lovers and hopeless romantics for the finest things in life.

All through Australia’s finest vineyards, we ventured to unearth the most sensational elixirs hiding away across each region. Wines of differing colour, aromatic profile and tannin structure were sampled. But only the best were selected. We present to you our maker’s discerning preference for the perfect drop.



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We make our spirits premium liquor without compromise – in flavour, texture and taste.

Be warned. Our spirits will transport you to a new world – one that’s endlessly fresh and inviting. We aim to captivate your lips; just like a wandering spirit dancing across the skyline captivates the eyes.

Get ready for a rare drinking experience that will inspire your sense of desire, fun and adventure.



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Luxurious and mythical. Genuinely addictive.

Our decadent liqueurs redefine poise and satisfaction. We source each blend’s ingredients from within Australia and across the seas to achieve perfect harmony.

Barrel-aged for depth in every sip, it’s time to discover the mythology of luxury for yourself.



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